Safe Driving Pledge

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The Iguana

The Pittsburgh Safe Driving Pledge encourages drivers to follow the speed limit and stop for pedestrians in order to create more livable streets and neighborhoods, reduce serious injury associated with driving, and educate the public about traffic laws and responsible driving behavior.

Volunteer to sign the Pittsburgh Safe Driving Pledge, and then proudly display the official Safe Driving Pledge bumper sticker on the rear of your car. By agreeing to follow the speed limit, your car will set the pace for traffic behind you without the need for physical barriers like speed humps. This is a resident-based initiative that will not only keep traffic at a safe speed, but also make drivers more aware of and courteous to other road users – especially pedestrians and cyclists.

Take the pledge:


Yes, I will take this down to the local yinzer dives in my neighborhood and ask them to sign the pledge as well.

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