About Us


Our Mission

Bike Pittsburgh is transforming our streets and communities into vibrant, healthy places by making them safe and accessible for everyone to bike and walk.

Our Vision

Pittsburgh’s bright future is built on a diverse transportation network that safely connects all people to their destinations. Residents, commuters, and visitors joyfully experience our unique topography and neighborhoods while navigating the city by bike and on foot. Well-designed bikeways, walkways, and communities will make riding a bike or walking comfortable, convenient, and fun. Our embrace of an active and healthy lifestyle is reflected in Pittsburgh’s commitment to providing safe, world-class facilities for biking and walking.

Our Theory of Change

We believe that non-motorized mobility is a basic human right, and that transportation choice is essential to a high quality of life. Our work engages the community, institutions, and our leaders to promote that belief. Community education and action changes our infrastructure and makes sure that choice is possible. Safe, comfortable infrastructure provides transportation choice and changes behavior. We demonstrate what is possible with our events. We fully integrate equity, diversity and inclusion into our work. Organizational sustainability ensures BikePGH can continue to thrive.

Our Values

Health and Livability:  We are committed to improving the health and quality of life of Pittsburgh through increased access to safe bicycling and walking facilities, and by creating opportunities to bike and walk for all;
Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion:  We are committed to representing and serving all people and all neighborhoods in the urban core of Allegheny County so that more people have access to safe, comfortable places to bike and walk;
Creativity and Best Practices:  We pursue both creative and proven solutions that increase biking and walking;
Strength:  We are committed to maintaining a strong, ethical, professional board and staff that proudly represents a large and diverse constituency;
Organizational Sustainability:  We are fiscally, ethically, professionally, and environmentally responsible;
Fun:  We believe that Pittsburgh is a fun place to live, work and visit, and that and bicycling and walking are inherently fun activities which are absolutely essential to bringing more visitors and long term residents to our city.

Major Programmatic Focuses

Advocacy: We work for policy change and transformation of our urban core by inspiring and advocating within communities to achieve bikeable/walkable streets.
Community: We will increase community engagement by focusing on membership, diversity, fun events, and outreach.
Education: We will educate and train people of all ages and incomes on riding in the city and make drivers more considerate of bicycle riders and pedestrians.

Nonprofit Info

Bike Pittsburgh is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit. We work on behalf of the Pittsburgh community to make the city safe, accessible, and friendly to bicycle transportation. If you have any questions about our nonprofit status, insurance, or finances feel free to get in touch or stop by our office in Lawrenceville. If you would like to check out our bylaws, be our guest. Our 990 is on file at the office or on Guidestar.

Annual Reports & Strategic Plan


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