ACTION ALERT: Call on the PA Senate to allow Parking Protected Bike Lanes

Advocates installed a temporary Parking Protected Bike Lane in East Liberty to raise awareness about the issue.

We’re So Close. Let’s Make Parking Protected Bike Lanes Possible – Call Senators TODAY!

Pennsylvania cities and towns lack the ability to install parking protected bike lanes and pedestrian plazas — something other states have been benefiting from for years.

Due to a technicality in the PA Vehicle Code, cars are required to be parked within 12” of a curb. The Pennsylvania Legislature needs to pass legislation to update the language to make it easier to install Parking Protected Bike Lanes and Pedestrian Plazas everywhere in the state. Pennsylvanians should benefit from these proven, life-saving tools and keep pedestrians and bicyclists safe!

We’ve successfully gotten the bill that will make this change through the PA House of Representatives with a 200-1 Vote!

Advocacy is working! But we need you to help with the final push!

The Senate just had their last session day in September and the Transportation committee did not meet.

We need to make sure that this House Bill, HB792, is on the committee’s agenda in October and all committee members vote YES on HB792 and bring this across the finish line!

Several infrastructure projects in Pittsburgh, Lancaster, York, Harrisburg, and Philadelphia have been put on hold or have been watered down due to this problem — but we can do something about it.

Call the Senate Transportation Committee

Call the Senate Transportation Committee leadership and ask that they bring up HB792 for a vote in October!

Call these three Senators on the Transportation Committee:

  • Senator Kim Ward, Chair, R-Westmoreland County, (717) 787-6063
  • Senator John Sabatina, Chair, D-Philadelphia, (717) 787-9608
  • Senator Mario Scavello, R-Monroe and Northampton Counties, Vice Chair, (717) 787-6123

Say this:
“Hello. My name is _______ and I’m calling the Transportation Committee leadership from _________ to ask that they please bring House Bill 792 up for a vote when the Transportation Committee reconvenes in October. This legislation would allow for Parking Protected Bike Lanes and Pedestrian Plazas in Pennsylvania cities and towns. HB792 is a technical fix to the Vehicle Code that will allow the flexibility to design safe streets for everyone in Pennsylvania.”

Let’s bring this home!

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